Intake Package

All clients begin with a 3-part intake process.  

This process begins with a 1-hour appointment with our health coach who will assess environmental and emotional triggers. The health coach may offer first line of defense strategies that assist in the reduction of environmental exposures and guidance on mind-body techniques to help manage stress.

A second 1-hour appointment with our nutritionist will assess current dietary intake and gastrointestinal symptoms. This appointment will allow for an analysis of total caloric intake, vitamin and mineral status, possible dietary triggers, bowel function and overall wellness. These appointments are designed to obtain accurate health information to be relayed to the primary provider and are not designed to execute a complete health care plan.

The final, two-hour intake appointment will be with your primary provider, Dr. Jessica Pizano, DCN, CNS and will synthesize findings from the first two appointments, explore possible root causes of the illness, review laboratory findings and begin the framework for a plan of action. The total cost of this service is $800 divided over 2 equal monthly payments of $400/month.

Follow up appointments

Follow up appointments are available and are charged per hour. Most patients require follow up with one or more staff members for care. Rates for each appointment type include:

  • Doctor: $250/hour
  • Nutritionist: $175/hour
  • Neural Retraining/Health Coaching: $150/hour

Nutrition Packages

For those looking to invest in their health, MCAD offers two packages.

  • Nutrition Counseling Package: Includes 4 hours of counseling, $600 (a $100 savings).
  • Neural Retraining Package: Includes 8 hours of neural retraining, $1000 (a $200 savings). For your convenience, this package may be divided into 2 monthly payments of $500.

Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Gyrokinesis

Sessions may be booked virtually using Zoom. Once COVID-19 is no longer an issue, appointments may also be booked in person in Midlothian, VA.

One-hour appointment: $100

Half-hour appointment: $50

Introductory Specials

  • 8 one-hour sessions: $680 ($85/session)
  • 16 one-hour sessions: $1280 ($80/session)
  • 8 half-hour sessions: $340 ($42.50/session)
  • 16 half-hour sessions: $640 ($40/session)

Packages Starting in June 2020

  • Eight one-hour sessions: $760 ($95/session)
  • Sixteen one-hour sessions: $1440 ($90/session--may be broken up into two payments)
  • Eight half-hour sessions: $380 ($47.50/session)
  • Sixteen half-hour sessions: $720 ($45/session--may be broken up into two payemnts)


Practitioner Consults

For medical and nutrition professionals looking for guidance with their own clients/patients, Dr. Pizano offers practitioner consults to discuss pertinent lab results, nutritional genomics, mast cell activation syndrome, immunodeficiency, autoimmunity, neurotransmitter issues and other concerns. $300/hour.